Long Leaf Pine Economics

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Fri Apr 17 14:13:47 EST 1998

Pine straw from lob plantations has become a real market item in
Louisiana and parts of east Texas.  At $2-3.00 per bale, it is
additional income, although somewhat labor intensive to get started, to
some landowners.  Several regional meetins with state and private have
been held on this subject, your local state forest service should have
some documentation available.

john doe wrote:
> >I am seeking information or references to any studies discussing the relative
> >ecomomic advantages on long leaf pine vs. loblolly pine.
> On a related note, does anybody have any information on the
> environmental impact of the harvest of long leaf pine needles from the
> forest floor for use as "pine straw" mulch? How extensive is the
> harvest, and typically from what areas, and which forests are the
> needles harvested from?
> Just curious. Living in Atlanta, the amount of "pine straw" used seems
> enormous, and so its harvest must be having an effect somewhere.

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