Agroforestry demo sites

Fri Apr 17 22:44:18 EST 1998

I hope I don't get away from your original post too much but here goes:

Dwarf Essex Rapeseed is used for high carrying capacity pasture. Your
state is one of the few remaining ones that uses it. Southern Missouri
Seed, or just Missouri Seed, in Rolla, sells it. Its modern relative is
canola which I know your familiar with. The seeds of both plants are
used as oilseeds; canola as edible oil, rapeseed as industrial oil. One
plants either variety in August, and harvests the seed the following
July. It can be profitable but one MUST have a buyer lined up in
advance. The crop is a beautiful brilliant yellow in the spring and
blooms and blooms and blooms. Heavy honey production is possible. 

You'll get bees with sunflowers but they're more practical. The typical
oilseed sunflower seeds can return as much as corn but harvesting's hard
unless one has a row crop bean head for the combine. Even if you leave
it in the field it'll supply the wildlife with winter feed. Some vendors
just sell the whole head to hang up as a birdfeeder. Then there's also
the craft shops and dried flowers, native and otherwise. Bearded wheat
for those little wheat dolls. Indian corn planted in hills? Might give
you a chance to go fishing for the fertilizer.<G>

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