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JimiFromMI jimifrommi at
Fri Apr 17 23:19:39 EST 1998

If you really want to help a starving forester that has a moderated bulletin
board and does make money for every hit that comes in,  you should go to  Price/Waterhouse indicates that I make .3
cents for every hit.

Moderated, hell, I control my board and have a delete key....(sorry for the
language Don and don't let a little flack keep you from your duties)  I have
used the key only once for spam.
``````) (___©______John Stephen Nix


Have a technical difficulty at the moment where I can't surf the web (ancient
W95 version, etc.).  I used to say that I got 5 cents for every business card I
gave out and 10 cents for every one I took in.

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