Agroforestry demo sites

Susan112 susan112 at
Fri Apr 17 20:53:27 EST 1998


>Specialty agricultural crops that might fit your agenda could be
>sunflowers and Dwarf Essex Rapeseed. 

What is the latter? We even have some native sunflowers to choose from here too
for seed production for restoration and maybe for traditional uses (not sure on
seed production as an ag crop for native spp.).  Great idea!

>Also, one might try beekeeping

That may be too high a maintenance and vandalism risk for us on state land.
(Plus I hate getting stung:).

>You might want to do your small tract demo on Route 19 before it turns
>into Street 19.

Warren County is where we've got the bulk of state land and Callaway County has
a new area we're working on and considering a demo site of (Prairie Fork Creek
Conservation Area).  You're right about 19 though.  It's still a pretty drive
but I prefer 94.

>Was that YMCA camp you spoke of called "YMCA of the Ozarks"? 

Yep, that's the one.



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