Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Apr 17 13:38:01 EST 1998

Mike Hagen wrote:
> Ever notice that as the fight progresses, you can't tell which one is
> which?
> I don't think that group moderation is such a bad idea, although
> self-moderation would certainly be better. Set up some fair ground
> rules for debate and zap messages that don't comply. After a couple
> days people will figure it out. Let the battles rage on alt.forestry:
> that's what it's for.

I'm against moderation unless we start to see a spam problem. There have
been some vigorous debates here; I've been in a few. I don't see what's
so bad about such debates. So emotions get wound up. So what. This is
the real world. We're not going to pull out guns and start shooting. I
think we'd all agree that in theory we should act like gentlemen, but it
can't always be that way. And we've all heard bad language in the real
world. It won't cause permanent damage. If anyone is so sensitive, they
don't have to read the messages.

I don't agree that alt.forestry is for that purpose. It exists because
we couldn't get a bionet.forestry and some of us think the term
"agroforestry" isn't appropriate for U.S. style mud forestry.

Joe Zorzin

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