Closing USFS Roads

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Sat Apr 18 03:38:49 EST 1998

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Don Staples <dstaples at> wrote:

> Then perhaps you should trim your Newsgroups headings, as well.  And
> perhaps talk to the founder of Alt.forestry, for his opinion, on the use
> of vulgar language.  You staying out of this, Larry?

I haven't been reading news this week because I have other things to do.

The person who newgroups an has no control over the use of that
group.  However, I specifically mentioned heated political discussion as
on topic because I believe forestry is as much a political issue as a
biological one.  Bionet administration has never been friendly toward
political discussion.  

If you wish to continue a discussion in a more appropriate forum, just
add this line to your header when you post:

Followup-To: alt.forestry

Any replies will then be automatically posted to alt.forestry rather than
bionet.agroforestry, and the crossposting war will be over.  It's not up
to someone else to trim their headers at your request, it's up to you
to trim the headers and set followups appropriately.

Don and I have gone head to head on numerous issues.  We disagree more
often than we agree, but his language has never been an issue.  When I
have time, I'll scan the thread and see what all the hooraw is about.

-- Larry

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