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Sat Apr 18 22:42:55 EST 1998

I have watched this intellectually stimulating argument going on for a while. 
As I happen to work for the USFS, as a heavy equipment operator on the road
maintenance crew of our Forest, I have a couple of questions to ask.

1)  $65,000/mile to rehab an old logging road?  I wish we could get some of
these dollars!!!  

2)  Is this dollar amount an overall average for "All" USFS Regions?  As road
building varies from area to area I think someone has added an extra zero into
the equation somewhere.  Even at $6500/mile, in my Region, the amount is kind
of high.  In the PNW (Region 6), I can understand the amount due to the cuts
and fills that have had to have been created to make the roads safe to operate
on in steep country.

3)  As I also used to work for the USFS in Texas, I learned something about how
came to become what it is today . There are very few old logging roads that are
not used by local residents for access to their personal property.  This is due
to the way that the USFS got the land originally.  It is not in large single
blocks as in other states/Regions

4)  How can the facts be brought out and into the open on a Forest by Forest
basis?  This breakdown is what is needed, by concerned citizens, in order for
everyone to see specifically what is being done where and why.

5)  Instead of both of you getting your hackles raised about something that
neither one of you seems to know everything about, get your heads together and
FIND OUT what exactly is going on.  Personally, I would like me to know. 
Please enlighten me with accurate facts.  

Thanks for listening.  Carl Smith

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