Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Apr 19 09:47:43 EST 1998

To readers of bionet.agroforestry and alt.forestry.

I have decided to start up the "Great Internet Forestry Debate of '98".

Foresters, landowners, environmentalist, politicians, and anyone who has
any interest or opinion about forests are welcome to participate.

Since these internet forestry newsgroups represent the ONLY open forum
on forestry, open to anyone on the planet, without restrictions as to
elite memberships, these discussions represent the best cross section of
thought and opinion and therefore are the ONLY truly valid structured
approach to focusing on critical issues relevant to all of us.

I shall be saving the entire discussion for posterity and will have it
available on my web site.  What you say will be read in the distant
future by historians of the development of forest resource policy; so
keep that in mind.

Those who participate will be the creme of the crop. Those who don't
participate make that choice because they have nothing to contribute to
this world wide discussion.

The participants here are the TRUE leaders of forestry because they have
the intelligence to show up and speak to the world- McLuhan's Global
Village- The Gaia.

Invite everyone you know, landowners, government foresters,
environmentalists, forestry professors and students. Help make the
future of forestry.

The debate will occur in 10 threads I have started at this time.

Der Yankee Forestmeister
"Still, after a year, the only forestry web page in the otherwise
sophisticated state of Massachusetts"

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world."
Henry David Thoreau

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