DEBATE OF '98- education of the forestry profession

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Mon Apr 20 08:50:55 EST 1998

Larry Harrell wrote:
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> > How good is forestry education? How can it be improved?
> >
> Wood production should be de-emphasized and ecosystem management should
> mandated as the default concept. Multiple use ideas should be de-emphasized
> because many areas are not suitable for example: grazing and wilderness. I
> don't want to see cows tromping and crapping in a stream through a high
> elevation meadow when I am in a wilderness. How about you?

I more or less agree- but I think "multiple use" NEVER meant do
everything on all acres- it was a concept that needs some thinking- it
means many things can be done where it makes sense. Certainly grazing
and wilderness are incompatible, but I don't like ANY cattle grazing in
productive forests; it causes too much damage. With the tremendous
amount of farm land in North America, why do we need to graze national
forests? Because cattle ranchers want it of course.

I was hiking up in the Big Horn Mtns. in Wyoming in '92 and out in the
middle of no where found a herd of cows which had trampled all the
ground in the area with obvious damage to tree roots. I'd rather be
seeing moose and other real animals rather than these hamburgers on the
hoof. <G>

Joe Zorzin

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