DEBATE OF '98- fundamental tools of forestry

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Mon Apr 20 08:37:48 EST 1998

Larry Harrell wrote:
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> > The basic tools of forestry are crude at best; heavy equipment and
> > chainsaws.  Will we have better tools in the 21st century?
> >
> Many fairly new tools are already here. I have a lot of experience with
> mechanical harvesters that minimize impacts on the land. In particular are
> the harvester and forwarder teams that can reduce soil impacts to nearly
> zero. The finished product of their work is very clean and damage to the
> residual stand is minimal. Logging slash is deposited in front of the
> harvester then driven over. The forwarder drives over the same slash
> picking up the logs and returning them to a landing where the truck picks
> up the trailer and leaves an empty one. Very slick and very efficient.

I'm just beginning to see some of this stuff- like forwarders. I think
until recently most heavy logging equipment was designed for the
convenience of the logger- to get out the production with little thought
going into minimizing damage.

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