DEBATE OF '98- the net

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Apr 20 08:31:53 EST 1998

TREEFARMER at wrote:
> Good work Joe!  Those posts sure cleared my screen.
> I may be repeating myself but I asked an Ill. DNR forester why he didn't
> participate in forestry discussion groups. He said he spends enough time
> on the computer during the day he didn't want to take up his evenings
> with it.
> Maybe it's just different levels of involvement.

Hmmm... Well, one would think that someone who is a TRUE leader of a
profession- would want to participate in a world wide discussion
available via the net. Of course some people really just don't have the
15 minutes it might take- what with their work, their family
responsibilities and Monday night football. <G>

Of course some people really just don't get it- they don't understand
how powerful this medium of communication is- they think that going to a
state wide meeting a few times each year or reading the SAF Journal is
really being "with it". And of course most people have no pretension of
"leadership". They're excused. I'm only going to pick on those who think
highly of themselves but won't expose the vacuum in their frontal lobes
to the rest of us. <G>


"Still, after a year, the only forestry web page in the otherwise
sophisticated state of Massachusetts"

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world."
Henry David Thoreau

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