DEBATE OF '98- role of government and leaders

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Mon Apr 20 10:08:02 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote in article
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> Is it your choice to be a temp? Perhaps if Congress wrote a law saying
> there would only be permanent positions in the fed. gov., this would
> solve the problem.
Yes, I chose to be a temp because that is all that is offered these days by
the FS. For Congress to do that, it would be political suicide. Ever heard,
"No new taxes"?
> > 
> > Also, the FS needs to be forced to follow what is written on every job
> > vacancy announcement: Equal Opprtunity Employer. When positions are
> > candidates should be selected by social security number with no names,
> > genders or race indicated. That sounds a little more equal to me. How
> > you?
> Hiring should be based on talent. It's not that way now. I don't know
> the solution, as I TOTALLY gave up on gov. forestry years ago after
> getting screwed by my state. I never even had a clue as to how to start
> applying for the fed positions. When I asked back in the early '70's I
> was always told "we're not hiring now- the registry is closed" whatever
> the hell that meant. <G>

Those days of "the roster" are long gone. I have seen some forestry
graduates get permanent jobs in the research field. The FS needs to get
some "hard" data to back up their projected policies. 
> I have a friend who is 48. He has a BS and MS in forestry and a law
> degree. He has worked for the past 20 years in the Nat. Park Service and
> USFS. He has hiked most of the Appalchian Trail, and most of the Pacific
> Crest Trail taking thousands of roles of slides, and has visited almost
> every park and forest in the nation. You'd think he'd be considered a
> valuable assest in the fed. gov.? He's been porked by these agencies
> many times. Makes no sense. The public needs to hear more about you, my
> friend, and others to know what really goes on in gov.
Rec techs will make a huge comeback in the FS. Pilot projects like the one
in the LA area NFs will generate huge dollars and they need someone to
collect the cash and enforce the fee laws. NPS is doing the same. They used
to not have the funding to pay someone at the front gate to take the
publics money!

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