Reconstructing a prehistoric Scottish woodland

dominic ashmole dominic at
Mon Apr 20 15:20:18 EST 1998

Southern Scottish charity Borders Forest Trust plan to re-create 1500 acres
of prehistoric native forest in the superb valley of Carrifran, near Moffat
in the southern uplands.

This will be one of the most ambitious ecological restoration schemes in the
UK, and will complement the Scots pine schemes of the north.

The John Muir Trust have agreed to become partners in the scheme and are
providing invaluable support.

Check out the website:

We urgently need sponsors and support, in order to reach a target of
£350,000 before September 1999.

Best wishes
Dominic Ashmole
for Borders Forest Trust

(apologies for cross listing, but it seemed of reasonably wide interest)

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