DEBATE OF '98- the net

Larry Harrell fotoware at
Mon Apr 20 12:48:08 EST 1998

Mike Hagen <mhagen at> wrote in article
<353B7FD0.14BF0269 at>...
> I've recomendeded this group to local foresters and have gotten these
> replys:
> Don't have time.
> Don't have a computer. Or don't use windows. or don't want to get
> flamed.
> Not allowed to use office computer for personal use.
> Only have access via DG (the forest service only system)
> Not allowed to express an opinion of controversial /political / legal
> aspects of forestry.
> There's more but you get the idea. 
Basically, many don't give a shit and find feeble excuses. Their lack of
interest shows a huge part of the problem. Closed minds!     On both sides.

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