DEBATE OF '98- fundamental tools of forestry

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> > > The basic tools of forestry are crude at best; heavy equipment and
> > > chainsaws.  Will we have better tools in the 21st century?
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> I see you use the term forestry in regard to logging. While this is an
> acceptable description by the dictionary, it is a secondary definition. The
> first is the science of growing forests.

Give me a break. I know the difference. We're not in the ivory tower
having a seminar. And forestry isn't really defined as the science of
growing forests. It's a bigger concept than that.

> Is it any wonder that people are so confused, when loggers obfuscate cutting
> trees with growing trees?

Cutting trees is part of forestry. Growing trees is part of forestery.
Leaving the trees alone is also part of forestry and a lot of other
things too.


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