DEBATE OF '98- role of government and leaders

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Mon Apr 20 12:32:37 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote in article
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> But, seriously, the breakdown in job security has got to stop, or
> eventually enough people will get so pissed off there'll be a lot more
> things blowing up like the fed building in Oklahoma City. Personally,
> I'm anti violence- being an old flower child and I'm used to total
> poverty. But if I had children, I'd have to act more responsibile and
> I'd be dangerous politically.

Things like that have and are already happening in forestry. There is a
well-publicized case in Oregon where spotted owl territory was torched, the
arsonist was caught and the burned land was NOT logged to keep the
arsonists from getting rewards from their deeds. There is a tremendous
threat to forests from laid-off mill employees, their communities and irate
FS temps <G>. The last burn salvage project I worked on was from a
man-caused fire of "unknown" intent. The local N. Cal mill was rumored to
be closing and it employed much of the local area residents. Well, 80,000
acres later, the mill's operation was at full capacity and log trucks were
backed up to 20 deep of old growth and 2nd growth pine. Same for 1992 in
the Eldorado NF but, the arsonist started the fire in the wrong place.
Burned lots of plantations and caused Highway 50 slide closures. Also,
burned peoples houses and killed air tanker personnel. We did harvest some
big dead trees though.

Do we want arsonists deciding where to cut timber?  

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