DEBATE OF '98- responsibilities of forest land owners

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Apr 20 20:54:54 EST 1998

mcour at wrote:
> > Your state/province doesn't have any forestry tax programs? Here in
> > Taxachusetts, you get a 95% discount on property taxes, regardless of
> > the current condition of the land, even if no timber will be harvested
> > for decades. I lieu of the normal tax rate, you pay an 8% yield tax when
> > timber/wood is harvested. I've calculated that the 8% yield tax - in the
> > long term- is still much lower than the normal tax. This tax loop
> > hole... er... I mean mgt. incentive (in case my liberal friends are
> > reading this) is what makes forestry happen here; without it- very
> > little forestry.
> Ohio has a forestry tax program, but you have to harvest a certain dollar
> amount every year or two and our woodlots are too young to support a harvest
> anywhere near the required dollar amount.

Sounds like a really dumb way to do things. <G>

If your forest is all young, but you thin and prune, and plant, make
trails, etc.- they you're practicing forestry in anticipation of the
great day when you harvest the big stuff- when you're in the nursing
home. <G>

So a state tax program should still be offered even if you can't harvest
for decades.

Is there a yield tax in the Ohio program? Here it's 8% of your stumpage.


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