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Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Apr 21 07:29:42 EST 1998

Bill Crawford wrote:
> Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> > The science and technology of forestry have always been many years
> > more
> > advanced than the practice of forestry because society always gives
> > forestry a very low priority. What can we do about this?
> HI:
> Ummmmm.......Not in my province it isn't. Basically what you probably
> meant is....If it doesn't effect my livelihood, then I don't care.
> Because in my province Forestry is a big part of the lives of the people
> here. 50 % of the land is privately owned, and 85% of this province is
> forested (all stages of development) and  the parties interested in it
> are private, native and industry (contractors, sub-licencees, licencees
> and all their employees). In two counties of Carleton and Victoria I
> have 3500 woodlot owners that rely on the forest for part of their
> income. To say this society gives forestry a low priority it quite
> bogus. Think a bit more clearly of what your writing ;)  .

OK, let's say that MANY areas give forestry a low priority. <G>

In my area, the forest is for tourists, to look at and to buy as part of
their "investment portfolio", not for forestry, except the smart ones
that hire forestry consultants.

"Still, after a year, the only forestry web page in the otherwise
sophisticated state of Massachusetts"

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world."
Henry David Thoreau

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