DEBATE OF '98- role of government and leaders

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Apr 21 04:45:19 EST 1998

Don Baccus wrote:
> In article <353BF7BD.4C19E435 at>,
> Joseph Zorzin  <redoak at> wrote:
> >Great idea. And it works. But you mean the national forests never sought
> >input from the public before? Or was it that library setting that made
> >it work?
> There's a presumption here that it DID work, one which the conservation
> community disagrees with, which is why it hasn't been adopted.  It's
> dead, as far as I know, stalled in the Senate.

Well, maybe that Republican, JimmyFromMI can explain why HIS Repbulican
Senate is holding up the show. <G>

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