DEBATE OF '98- role of government and leaders

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Tue Apr 21 01:43:06 EST 1998

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>The gov. has done the same as private enterprise- downsized
>(translation- fucked over) the work force of America by turning many
>jobs into temporary, seasonal, provisional, etc. And taken away
>benefits. Welcome to the eighteenth century. Wow, you work 6 months?
>That's a lot more than I do, and probably even more than Don Staples.

It was the gov. that caused all the bs in the first place.  Examples like
increasing min. wage and "the family emergency (or whatever) leave act" and
simply the cost & paperwork required for each employee take away the AMERICAN
encentive to hire people (no longer a return).

It has become so much easier to hire contract help that can be there
predictably and when needed.  I know that in some of jobs I had, a 6 week
sabatical allowed by President Clinton would be devistating to the business. 
To whom was this policy created for?  Primarily for government workers,
themselves.  What other industry could afford to have their employees take off
long periods of time, besides those that are FULL OF FAT?

I really enjoyed the government shutdown, a while back -- didn't notice a

>> The FS needs to have more funding specifically tied to keeping some of this
>> generations most talented temps. I suggest that these temps be partially
>> rated on how many hours of accumulated sick leave they have. (I have almost
>> 400 hours from 15 years of work experience.) Create a series of "Super
>> Techs" in timber mgt. that do silviculture, timbermarking, fuels reduction,
>> harvest inspecting, etc. There is plenty of work to do in the National
>> Forests but, not enough funding to do the kind of non-timber sale projects
>> that the public is clamoring for.

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