DEBATE OF '98- role of government and leaders

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Tue Apr 21 09:47:49 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin wrote in message <353C9246.5F168EF1 at>...
>Emil Knutti wrote:
>> AP News released the findings of a recent survey.  The headline was
>> Finds Lawmakers, Bureaucrats Doubt Americans' Knowledge".
>> One paragraph of this news report states:  "Interviews with elected
>> officials, political appointees and high-level bureaucrats found a
>> do not think Americans know enough about issues to form wise opinions
>> what should be done."

>Amazing. Those opinions are also held by fascists, communists and
>monarchist- all those who hate democracy. Although I wouldn't be
>surprised if the pols and "burros" have a low opinion of their
>constituents, they certainly shouldn't say so.

I disagree.  I think they should let us know that they don't trust us so
that we can develop a system to counter them.  Also, it lets us know what we
should do at election time.  Unfortunately, bureaucrats don't have to face
the voter.  For more of my thoughts on this issue, please see: and

I would appreciate feedback.

Emil Knutti

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