DEBATE OF '98- fundamental tools of forestry

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Tue Apr 21 18:38:27 EST 1998

Larry Harrell wrote:

> Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote in article
> <353B4FAC.2EF2F0B4 at>...
> > I'm just beginning to see some of this stuff- like forwarders. I think
> > until recently most heavy logging equipment was designed for the
> > convenience of the logger- to get out the production with little thought
> > going into minimizing damage.
> >
> These machines REALLY produce! The on-board computer optimizes log lengths
> and top diameters. The articulated arm can reach out and get low stump
> heights, then limb the trees and finally snipping the top off. No loader is
> needed at the landing and no lopping of slash needs to be done.
> Of course, the quality of the the job is still firmly dependent on the
> skill of the operator. I've seen where a forwarder operator had made four
> stream crossings where only one was approved. Luckily, the stream only runs
> less than 30 days a year.
> Minimizing soil disturbance should be one of our greatest priorities in
> logging.

Sounds good for softwoods, but how does it work in hardwoods?  And how about
steeper slopes?  The East ain't all flatland.


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