DEBATE OF '98- Earth's forests are shrinking

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Apr 21 12:37:59 EST 1998

Anders Axelsson wrote:
> Martin Flower <sylvestris at> wrote in article
> > Today, it no longer makes sense to subsidise european
> > agriculture.  But it does make sense to subsidise
> > forestry because the people need the trees.
> >
> Why subsidise anything? The European taxpayers need a break,so I agree that
> agricultural subsidies should gradually be done away with.However,if you
> subsidise
> forestry instead you:
> 1 Keep the taxpayer as unhappy as before.
> 2 Increase the price of foodstuffs unnecessarily,and
> 3 Damage already existing forestry.
> So,why subsidise at all?
> AA

Why subsidize roads? Put a toll booth on all road entrances.

Why subsidize schools? Charge each family the full cost of their
children's education.

Why subside police and firemen? Let each family just hire the local
Mafia for "protection".

Why have governments at all? Just let the strong and wealthy steal
everything- and get back to the good old days of the middle ages- with
aristocrats and serfs.

Every major industry in the world has received subsidies in one form or
another. In America, railroads were built across the nation after the
nation gave millions of acres of land to the railroads. Roads and canals
have also been built to encourage trade.

The computer industry in America wouldn't be what it is today without
hundreds of billions spent by the federal gov. on the industry- both
research and purchases.

The auto industries received vast subsidies some hidden and some not so
hidden- free roads for example.

The airline industry wouldn't exist without vast subsidies- like the
fact that most of the research was paid for by the Pentagon for obvious
reasons. How about the European Airbus? It wouldn't exist without vast
gov. subsidies.

It's an illusion when we say some industries, some people, some classes
receive subsidies and others don't. Everybody receives subsidies because
we're all in this together- the real distribution of wealth has a lot
more to do with history than than the distribution of talent.

I'm against subsidies too for forestry when everybody else really loses
THEIR subsidies.

So the tax haters out there- let's just cut all taxes. In such a dog eat
dog world, I'd do better than I'm doing now; because I now work in the
one and only industry on the planet not subsidized- and I don't count
those pennies that are called subsidies- handed out by burros who spend
100 times more than that- supporting themselves in comfort.

"Still, after a year, the only forestry web page in the otherwise
sophisticated state of Massachusetts"

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world."
Henry David Thoreau

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