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Bill Crawford cvwpa at
Wed Apr 22 06:18:35 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Excellent web pages. I'd like to see more like these, one for the
> province and one for your university.
> Now, some might say that my state of Massachusetts is small and
> doesn't
> have much of a timber industry so I shouldn't expect to see such web
> sites. But, the state agency has 3-4 dozen foresters- there are about
> 140 consultants and at least that many industry foresters and a state
> university forestry dept. There are enough people involved that if the
> state just got with it- they could have a serious presence on the net-
> as of now it mostly consists of me and Karl Davies, a nearby
> consultant.
> It's a mystery to me.
> Isn't this supposed to be the information age?
> JZ

   Here are a couple web pages for my province from Industry (JD Irving
Woodlands) and N.B.D.N.R.E. (Dept. of Nat. Resources and Energy).    -  The Natuarlist Notebook       Irving Forest Discovery Network             N.B. Environmental
Network      N.B. Dept of Nat. Resources and
Energy      The Forest of New Brunswick


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