DEBATE OF '98- fundamental tools of forestry

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Apr 22 04:00:14 EST 1998

RandyFulle wrote:
> >- I haven't seen any forestry
> >research in the past 25 years that has ANYTHING to do with normal
> >everyday forestry practice.
> Then Joseph you had best pickup the speed of your reading. In the past 25-years
> there has been signigicant strides in all phases of forestry research, not just
> harvesting, but in soils, water, wildlife, insects, diseases, minerals, lands,
> recreation. Maybe it's just that you haven't been looking for it, or it has not
> found your. That is not the problem of the research but of an area called
> 'technology transfer'. This is the responsibility of the researcher and of the
> user.
> Randy Fuller

That's NOT the type of research that has much significance to the REAL
world, where most private landonwers don't give a dam about forestry and
would just as soon pave it over for the right profit. All that mere
technical research isn't worth 2 cents if we as a society can't get
forest land under forestry. When the entire nation is finally one big
Wallmart parking lot, all these forestry researchers will just keep
pumping out more science which won't be applicable to all that pavement.

Which is why I said all that research has little to do with we mud
forester types who are fighting in the front lines of the trench war of
forestry (excuse my poetic language <G>).

The BIGGEST problem of forestry (private land) is that there is too
little of it. What good is all that technical research? Whenever I go to
those high falutin meetings with the burros and professors, all they
talk about is such technical stuff- not having a (%#@^$( clue about what
goes on in the real world- I've never yet met a burro or researcher that
ever convinced any landowner to practice forestry.

So the REAL problems researchers don't address are-
1. getting land under forestry
2. designing better tools- logging equipment that won't destroy the
place, etc. Yes, there have been some improvements- more is needed.
3. first rate software for mud foresters- I've seen what's out there and
it sucks, I can do better
4. improving markets for low grade wood
5. I could go on all day

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