DEBATE OF '98- the net

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Apr 22 02:51:26 EST 1998


> Joe, I missed reading my e-mail and NGs the past two days.  So, I just spent
> four hours reading newsgroup posts and writing five short replies.  This was
> after spending an eleven hour day at work and taking my son to Cub Scouts.  I
> haven't been to Steve's bulletin board in a week.  No telling how much traffic
> has been there. It is ALL good stuff and I get a broader perspective of issues
> than my own.  But, it is hard to get involved in long, detailed threads on
> complex issues when you have a regular full time job.  Just reading the posts
> sometimes takes all the time I can afford to give to this.

But despite all your obligations, you managed to contribute.

I'll tell your boss you deserve a raise. <G>


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