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K.T. Wieringa wrote:

> Actually, there are a number of forestry related mailing lists.   (see
> lists)
> The lists tend to be more heavily used by academics/professionals. The level
> of discussion is usually much better than that found on these two newsgroups,
> which appear operate at the typical usenet level of 'any bonehead who walks in
> the door'.
> K.T. Wieringa                                      Mgr, Field Operations
> Bessemer, MI                                      George Banzhaf & Company

So you don't like our newsgroups.

So you're the typical elitist who thinks your private lists are where
the academics/professionals hang out? The typical poster to our
newsgroups will compare favorably with the professionalism of your
elitist lists any day. Maybe a shortage of PHD's but we all know what
that stands for.

Yes, let the useless professors who have no contact with reality stay in
their little cloister where they can attempt to impress each- and of
course those managers of big corporations with their fancy titles.

But you seem to be missing the point. The elitists historically only
talk to their "own kind". What we want to see here in these newsgroups
is a mix of people with an interest in forestry, all sides- from
foresters that actually work in the forest without fancy titles- to
academics, managers, landowners, all kinds of government types, all
kinds of environmentalists, and just plain ordinary people who have an
interest in forestry. We even allow those boneheads who you obviously

One reason forestry is so screwed up is your elitist attitude. All those
professors who talk to themselves in those lists and the gov. types who
talk to themselves at their infamous meetings aren't solving the
forestry problems, never have and never will. We may never solve
anything here either, but there's a great need in forestry for open
discussions by all kinds of people- to attempt to overcome the
historical divide in forestry between the different sectors of our
society who have never communicated.

So go back to your little elitist playground.

I don't normally move private email to the newsgroups, but this is an

Joe Zorzin

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