Closing roads

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Apr 22 13:40:57 EST 1998

Larry Stamm wrote:
> On 20 Apr 1998 04:16:55 GMT, jimifrommi at (JimiFromMI) wrote:
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> >> Banning
> >>snowmobiling in caribou wintering areas is not politically expedient;
> >>removing
> >>and recontouring roads is.
> >>--
> >>Larry Stamm
> >
> >uh, unless you slide some of the big trees in the "former roads" there still
> >exists the snowmobile "trail".  no ban?
> The process of recontouring the roadbed usually leaves lots of large debris on
> the surface of the new slope, which together with the steepness of the sidehill
> discourages all but the most determined sledders.  This method would not be an
> effective snowmobile deterrent in gentle slopes or open ground.

How about land mines? (just joking)


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