DEBATE OF '98- responsibilities of forest land owners

LRLake lrlake at
Thu Apr 23 12:10:12 EST 1998

>Thomas Kellar wrote:
>> In my part of Ohio, the developers do whatever they wish, including
>> remove wetlands.  I guess this is a case of monetary democracy in
>> action.  You must not have enough money.
>Unfortunately my knowledge of wetland laws mostly has to do with their
>impact on forestry in my area. But aren't there federal wetland laws?
>Ohio developers can do anything they want to those wetlands? How much
>are they contributing to the Ohio Senators? <G>

I don't get it.  Here in California you must get a permit from the Army Corps
of Engineers for alteration of any wetland (over three acres, I think).  I
thought this applied nation wide.


Lawrence Lake, RPF
Redding, CA

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