DEBATE OF '98- fundamental tools of forestry

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Thu Apr 23 05:24:19 EST 1998

Larry Harrell wrote:

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> > Sounds good for softwoods, but how does it work in hardwoods?  And how
> about
> > steeper slopes?  The East ain't all flatland.
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> > RDW
> As long as the tree is straight and the limbs aren't too big, I think they
> should work. Steepness isn't a problem as long as there is a place to turn
> around at the top. These particular machines are longer than a standard
> skidder but get better traction.
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Problem is, not all land runs to the top.  Big limbs are the norm on many
trees, and straightness is a problem, in some cases.  This is especially
evident on partial cuts that have been high graded.

Some forwarders are being used, but ususally by small, one-man shows.  It'll
take another 10 yrs before they use them here.  The rest of the world is our
test area. <G>


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