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Subject: WAFC Forest Focus - Earth Day - April 22, 1998

FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of the Western Ancient Forest
Campaign, Earth Day, April 22, 1998  To reach us call (202)879-3188,
fax (202)879-3189, or email WAFCDC at igc.apc.org

ANTI-RIDER LETTER:  Reps. Elizabeth Furse (D-OR) and Maurice
Hinchey (D-NY) are asking their House Colleagues to join them is a
letter to the House Conferees opposing anti-environmental riders in the
Senate's version of the Supplemental Appropriations bill.  Sen. Larry
Craig (R-ID) has attached a rider encouraging the Forest Service to find
replacement volume for any timber sales delayed by the proposed
roadbuilding moratorium.  Another rider would alter the boundary of
the Petroglyph National Monument to allow construction of a six lane
highway through the monument.  Please contact your Representative at
202/225-3121 and urge them to sign-on to the Furse/Hinchey
Supplemental Appropriations letter to oppose these anti-environmental

DEADWOOD THREAT:  The latest version of the controversial
Deadwood River logging project on the Boise National Forest remains
unacceptable to 17 environmental and sporting groups, said a group
letter to Forest Service Chief Michael Dombeck.  In the third set of
planning documents in as many years, the Forest Service again
proposes to log old growth forests in the Deadwood River roadless
area.  "All the plans include cutting the very trees the Forest Service
says it wants to save - the big, old Ponderosa pines," said John
McCarthy of Idaho Conservation League.  The plan includes more than
five miles of roadbuilding.  "While Chief Dombeck is saying 'timeout,'
- let's stop road construction and craft a new policy - the Boise
National Forest continues to plan to build more roads," said Craig
Gehrke of The Wilderness Society.  The proposed plan is estimated to
lose at least $1.2 million.

FSC RESIGNATIONS:  After a year of involvement with the Forest
Stewardship Council (FSC) effort to promote sustainable forestry in
Appalachia, two conservation organizations resigned today from the
FSC's Central Appalachian Working Group.  In a letter to the FSC,
representatives from Heartwood and the Chattooga River Watershed
Coalition cited lack of regional decision-making power, a disregard for
public lands, and a lack of basic assurances for forest protection in
their decision to resign from the Working Group.  Please contact Than
Hitt of Appalachian Restoration Campaign, 704/592-3968 or
arc at frognet.net for more information.

REVERSAL:  In an unprecedented move, Federal Judge Thomas
Thrash reversed his earlier order of Jan. 20 that lifted an injunction of
logging on the Chattahoochie National Forest, says Rene Voss of the
John Muir Project.  Thrash granted the injunction to the Sierra Club,
suspending all logging and roadbuilding for seven timber sales.  This
will prevent the sales from being logged until an appeal at the 11th
Circuit Court is heard later this year.

EARTH DAY GREENWASHING:  "Earth Day is Everyday for the
Homebuilders" according to a sign in front of the National Association
of Homebuilders headquarters in Washington.  This is the same
industry association that lobbied in support of the destructive the
Salvage Logging Rider and which has contributed $6.2 million this
decade to weaken the Endangered Species Act according U.S. Public
Interest Research Group.

Steve Holmer
Campaign Coordinator

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