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>er, I mean:  How much would it be worth to you?  Are you willing to pay for
>something that you can not access in the name of preservation?

Well, folks who belong to The Nature Conservancy do just that.   While many
of their preserves are open to the public, many aren't or are only partially

And of course, a large amount of USF&W refuge land is closed each year during
nesting season.  These lands were bought by taxes on hunters and fishermen,
Pittman-Robertson, a tax passed at the *request* of these user groups, so one
can say that they've indirectly (and more directly through the purchase of
duck stamps, as do non-hunters who buy duck stamps) paid for lands that
are often not open to them.  Even during hunting season many refuge  are
only partially open to hunting. 

I suppose cynics would claim that hunters only visit refuges to shoot, but
in my experience plenty of hunters enjoy watching waterfowl during spring,
as well.

I'm sure that people can come up with plenty of examples similar to the
two above ones.

These aren't wilderness examples, but they're examples of land aquired for
conservation purposes (of course, there are USF&W NWRs that contain
wilderness, but these are relatively rare).


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