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>And if no one will buy it, it's not good business.  If the quality is too bad,
>or the volume estimate is way off, loggers and mills will stay away from a
>sale.  It is not the FS business to guarantee a profit, but is the only way
>timber will move, and the proposed mgmt work gets done.  Businesses generally do
>little charity work.

When management work really needs to get done, the FS can pay for it (and
does, again, here in the PNW at least).  The whole problem with the
salvage sales program has been that too often it's just been used as
a front for offering sales for hungry timber companies.  

Clearly, there are times when sweetening a sale in order to meet
management goals are justified.  However, conservationist suspicions
of FS action in many of these sales is equally justified.  

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