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>I am looking for books on forest fires (extinction , prevention, etc)
>in Meditterenean or California like climates. Any ideas where
>I can buy them? Thanks in advance
>Pinar Zengingonul
>Brigham and Women's Hospital
>Harvard Medical School
>Boston, MA

Moreno, J. M. and W. C. Oechel, Editors. THE ROLE OF FIRE IN
MEDITERRANEAN-TYPE ECOSYSTEMS,  Springer-Verlag, 1994, pp. 216, 65

Pyne, Stephen J., Patricia L. Andrews, and Richard D. Laven.
INTRODUCTION TO WILDLAND FIRE, Wiley,  1996, Second Edition, pp. 769,
text figures. Partial contents: -- Fire Environment. Wildland fire
fundamentals.  Fire behavior. Wildland fuels. Fire weather. -- Fire
Regime. Fire ecology. Fire and culture. Administration of fire
regimes. -- Fire management. Programs for fire management. Fire
suppression. Prescribed fire. -- Global Fire.  Global fire. The second
edition of this authoritative and comprehensive resource for
ecologists, foresters, and environmental professionals is almost twice
the size of the first edition and has much new  material.Cloth-$110.00

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