DEBATE OF '98- responsibilities of forest land owners

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Apr 23 13:03:42 EST 1998

mcour at wrote:
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>   tkellar at FSP.FSP.COM (Thomas Kellar) wrote:
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> > In my part of Ohio, the developers do whatever they wish, including
> > remove wetlands.  I guess this is a case of monetary democracy in
> > action.  You must not have enough money.
> >
> The current legal requirement is that every acre of wetland destroyed must be
> replaced with 1.5 acres of new wetland, usually in the same watershed.  There
> are no loopholes, so if new development is in compliance, I bet that they
> created 1.5 acres of wetland in some less-visable area close to where you saw
> the development going in.  This takes a lot of money and is usually only done
> by developers when the potential value of the devlopment on the wetland far
> exceeds the potential cost of creating half-again as much new wetland
> somewhere else.

Somehow, I just can't imagine engineers creating wetlands. I doubt they
know how and I doubt those wetlands will be stable like a "natural"

The next thing you know there'll be a law saying you can take down a
mountain, as long as you build another one even bigger.


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