DEBATE OF '98- financial resources

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Thu Apr 23 17:26:36 EST 1998

KMorrisD wrote:

> Joe and Group,
> So a good investment isn't a choice that landowners even know they have--at
> least not in Massachusetts.  I'd be curious to hear from some of the
> consultants and landowners in other states what their service and extension
> foresters are telling landowners about rates of return.  I'd also be curious to
> know what you consultants are telling your clients in other states.  And what
> are they and you saying about the difference between managed and unmanaged?
> How much of a difference does it make in rate of return?
> Karl Davies

I don't know of many foresters that tout rate of return to landowners.  Most talk
about how much they can get for timber (which most landowners can do on their own),
and how they can "improve growth".  Unfortunately, the "improved growth" goes on
all those stunted trees that are left to be released.  Of course, these trees
already have problems like poor form or decay.

Usually landonwers get a forester when its time to harvest timber.  That's often
too late.  The forester should have been contacted before the harvest, when rates
of return were important.  But, like you said, landowners are more interested in
recreation and aesthetics than growing timber.


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