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FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of the Western Ancient Forest
Campaign, April 23, 1998  To reach us call (202)879-3188,
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ANTI-OWL BILL:  Rep. John Doolittle's California Spotted Owl
Interim Protection Act, H.R. 3467, was approved today by the House
Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health.  The bill would legislate a
scientifically discredited management plan that increases logging of old
growth forests in the Sierra Nevada.  H.R. 3467 is opposed by a
coalition of regional and national conservationists who sent a letter to
Committee members saying the bill "is inconsistent with the latest
science and contrary to the will of the majority of Californians who
support greater protection for our National Forests, not less."  Twelve
California Democrats led by Rep. George Miller (D-CA) sent a letter to
Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman calling for strong interim
protection until a revised management plan for the owl is completed. 
"Recent reports have made clear that the Forest Service's current
management direction fails to adequately protect old growth forests,
wildlife and riparian habitat in the Sierra Nevada Region." 

Utah Forest Campaign (WUFC), The Wilderness Society, Biodiversity
Associates, Friends of Nevada Wilderness and the Southwest Center are
hosting a conference this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah to discuss
strategies for forest protection.  Forest activists in the Intermountain
region are now engaged in Forest Plan revisions as well as addressing
agency mismanagement.  This will be a working, participatory session
to devise regional initiatives that will support activist work at the forest
level.  Please contact Kevin Mueller, WUFC, at 801/539-1355 or
kevincmueller at hotmail.com for more information. 

PRICE OF EXTINCTION:  A new report by the U.S. Public Interest
Research Group  concludes that since 1989, 228 anti-ESA PACs have
contributed over $100 million to political candidates.  Anti-ESA
Representatives and Senators received twice as much anti-ESA money
as their pro-ESA counterparts and top recipients of anti-ESA PAC
money are the top opponents of the ESA.  Topping the list of recipients
was Rep. Don Young (R-AK), Chairman of the House Resources
Committee and Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID).  Please contact U.S. PIRG at
202/546-9707 for more information.

DOUBLE THE CUT:  The Klamath Siskiyou Wildland Center (KSWC)
filed suit against the Forest Service this week claiming that the agency
is underestimating the environmental impacts of the proposed
Replacement Volume timber sale on the Siskiyou National Forest.  The
Forest Service was required to provide 8 million board feet to replace
timber sales which contained threatened Marbled Murrelets.  However,
when the Forest Service found the sale area contained 16 million board
feet, they doubled the volume that had been reviewed in the
environmental analysis rather than reducing the acreage, claiming the
impacts would not increase.  "Until the Forest Service stops
clearcutting old growth forests and converting them to tree farms, the
public must be vigilant," said Marty Bergoffen, KSWC staff attorney. 
"The Replacement Volume timber sale goes over the line, violating the
Northwest Forest Plan and Federal environmental laws."

Steve Holmer
Campaign Coordinator

Western Ancient Forest Campaign
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