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> Dan:
> What species of truffle can be grown with hazelnut shrubs?  The agroforestry
> research station near Columbia in MO is going to field trial this and it made
> me curious to try on my own after reading all of your posts.  Any other
> particulars would be appreciated too.
> Susan

Martellia gilkeyae is species specific to California hazel (Corylus cornuta
var. californica).

Tuber californicum (California Black truffle) seems to me to be species
specific with Corylus cornuta.

Tuber melanosporum (French Black truffle) is associated with a European hazel.

Welles Bushnell tells me that California hazel is the most productive tree
species for him to find truffles.

Several years ago I found a _tiny_ but powerfully aromatic basiomycete under
California hazel near Sweet Home. I remember that forage because Franklin
Garland, the first person to cultivate French Black truffle outside of the US,
brought a large Tuber melanosporum to the forage.

As the forage continued, I began to notice a very powerful smell similar to
oil of garlic, which I also associate with French Black truffle. I thought I
still had remnants of truffle oil on my hand or something. But after I
returned to Portland and began making collections of what I had found, I
discovered this tiny sub-pea-sized Rhizopogon-like basidiomycete was the true
source of the odor. It was stronger than a slice of French Black truffle
Franklin had given me for my herbarium.

I have never found it since.

It is quite possible Western hazel or other hazels in the US have truffles.
But without identified collections, it is impossible to say more.

You might give Dr. James Trappe an e-mail at Oregon State University.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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