DEBATE OF '98- financial resources

Thu Apr 23 21:59:22 EST 1998

Karl, here in West Central Illinois forestry exists only as a remnant or
for government payments. Farmland is the prime desire here. If 100 acres
is bought here with 80 acres tillable and the other 20 is forest, the
forested part goes. Either it's clearcut and cleared for more farmland,
sold of to wealthy hunters, or sold for housing lots.
I've never met an extension forester.
The state foresters must be ranked on "acres signed up under forestry
plans" because they hate to see one leave a plan even if the deer have
decimated the trees to scrawny bushes. I don't think they want to be
held responsible for advocating any kind of future hypothetical rate of
In general the local economy is driven by short term gains. I don't know
another landowner, locally, who is actively (pruning and thinning) his

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