Weyerhaeuser endangers homeless men.

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Fri Apr 24 16:22:53 EST 1998

In article <6hquo0$n2u$2 at news.doit.wisc.edu>,
Al Gore <vice.president at whitehouse.gov> wrote:

The return address is clearly a forgery (as my newsreader so kindly
made clear in the above citation).  Forged return addresses don't
do much for one's credibility...

>Attorney General Janet Reno indited three Wisconsin companies for 
>endangering the lives of homeless men fraudulently recruited from a 
>Tennessee soup kitchen to remove asbestos from a Weyerhaeuser building 
>in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  Check these sites:



Not sure what this has to do with forestry, the articles make it clear
that the indictments aren't of Weyerhauser, but of companies that had
been contracted to do the work.  

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