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>And, interesting enough, in the southern states acceptable Wilderness
>can be created in 50 years, with managment of land resources.  So, back
>to how are we to define Wilderness when certain environmental groups can
>have restricted acreage, road bound third forest declared "Wilderness"?

When I last looked, it was the federal government, not "certain
environmental groups", that establishes designated wilderness by
the passage of specific acts.  The criteria for designation is not,
and has never been, that the place in question be "virgin" or "unlogged"
or "pristine" or whatever.  Cattle grazing is allowed in designated
wilderness, for instance.

While many conservation groups are advocates for designated wilderness,
they're not the ONLY advocates.  In Washington, for instance, arguably
the most outspoken and effective advocates of wilderness has been The
Mountaineers - an outdoor recreationist organization.

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