DEBATE OF '98- fundamental tools of forestry

Don Staples dstaples at
Fri Apr 24 09:42:38 EST 1998

Martin Flower wrote:

> Are there areas I have missed out ?
> Which area do you need improvements in ?
> Which software products do you think are inadequate ?
>  (can you name names ?)

A really decent, affordable,  mapping program that allows construction
of overlays using other than program data.  By really decent is a
program that can be learned in under a year.  Some of the cad based
programs require at least a BS to learn how to turn on.  I know, if your
in the business you need to be in the computer business as well. 
Wrong.  I need a program I or my techs can use to produce a soil, cover,
projection map system for my clients.  Remote data capability a must.

An integrated cruise, blowup, volume, and "what if" parrallel
projections that is USABLE by field personnel.

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