DEBATE OF '98- responsibilities of forest land owners

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> >Somehow, I just can't imagine engineers creating wetlands. I doubt they
> >know how and I doubt those wetlands will be stable like a "natural"
> >wetland.
> You haven't heard the phrase "duck donut", used to describe one
> common form of wetland mitigation? :)
> I'm not a wetlands law expert, but I know the case isn't quite as
> stated.  I'm a volunteer photographer for a herp study in a local
> wetland that was bought and given to the state in order to mitigate
> drainage of another wetland.  So you have a net loss in wetland,
> there, and there was no need for them to create 1.5 acres of new
> wetland to mitigate for every acre drained.  This was just in the
> past three years or so.

The sweeping nature of this requirement only took effect in the last year.
Projects prior to this could often find a loophole.  Wetland laws change
pretty often, and usually become more restrictive when they do.

Michael Courtney

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