Regulate Mushroom Industry

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> > I believe that regulation is in order. However, the part that I seem to be a
> > bit wary of is the "legislation that would let the Forest Service keep
> > a portion of the revenue from commercial harvesting permits for its special
> > forest-products program." part.
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> In this case, I'm worried about the revenue _not_ getting back to the Forest
> Service. In testimony before the Senate, Keith Blatner recently pointed out
> that since Congress has mandated permits be available, but have not provided
> money to hire personnel to provide that serivce, there is darn little reason
> for the FS to continue the permit system without income.

I can see it now. A few dozen "Mushroom Permit Grantors" at GS 12
earning $50,000 per year. The permit fees won't even cover the cost of
the new personnel- not even the gas for the new $40,000 gov. vehicles
for the Mushroomacrats.

> I also question the reliability of Forest Service personnel in identification
> of fungi. For that matter, there are darn few people that can identify more
> than 100 species of any mushrooms.

Mushroom bureaucrats! How insane is that?

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