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Fri Apr 24 04:18:18 EST 1998

TREEFARMER at wrote:

> In general the local economy is driven by short term gains. I don't know
> another landowner, locally, who is actively (pruning and thinning) his
> timber.

Perhaps forestry schools need to train foresters the way Jehovah's
Witness trains it's missionaries. Foresters have to get out and preach
to the unwashed. Especially those on gov. payrolls.

As a society we need to decide if it's OK that most private forest land
goes unmanaged with the result that future yields will be much smaller
than they could be.

Just like all the other raw materials our culture has pissed away, oil,
land, inner cities, etc.- we either pay now or pay later for our

America has a 7.5 trillion dollar economy. Much of that wealth consists
of garbage, trash entertainment, booze and tobacco, excessive military,
etc. And much of the 1.7 trillion dollar budget of the feds and probably
that much more in state and local spending actually consists of
subsidies to the NOT poor.

So, whether or not forestry yields 5% or 20% isn't as important as the
fact that forestry has UTTERLY failed to understand how our
political/financial system REALLY works and has failed to tap into all
that wealth the way many other UNWORTHY types have done so.

In my cynical point of view, our entire society is just a collection of
Mafia like protection rackets with fancy titles and sophisticated
propaganda to rationalize the rackets- with the most powerful rackets
being the AMA and the BAR; protection rackets if there ever were any-
putting the Mafia to shame.

If forestry can't win on it's merits which far exceed most other
industries, perhaps it needs to grow up and become a racket like
everyone else. This is in the realm of what Henry Kissinger called "real
politique". But to do that the profession needs leadership which is
sorely lacking in this day of immense personal greed- "get for yourself-
screw everyone else".

Der Yankee Forestmeister
"Still, after a year, the only forestry web page in the otherwise
sophisticated state of Massachusetts"

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world."
Henry David Thoreau

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