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> >And, interesting enough, in the southern states acceptable Wilderness
> >can be created in 50 years, with managment of land resources.  So, back
> >to how are we to define Wilderness when certain environmental groups can
> >have restricted acreage, road bound third forest declared "Wilderness"?
> When I last looked, it was the federal government, not "certain
> environmental groups", that establishes designated wilderness by
> the passage of specific acts.  The criteria for designation is not,
> and has never been, that the place in question be "virgin" or "unlogged"
> or "pristine" or whatever.  Cattle grazing is allowed in designated
> wilderness, for instance.
In the Texas National Forests we have an area called the Four Notch
Wilderness Area, created in a near urban area in response to pressure
applied by the Big Thicket Association, and the local Sierra Club
affiliate.  50 years ago it was a stump pasture.  Other southern states
have had "Pearls" created from federal land under prompting from the
conservation groups.  The creation of a Wilderness Area eliminates some
normal useage of the area, cattle grazing for one.

These areas now are in need of "expansion" to fulfill the "needs" of an
every growing demand from the local environmentalist groups, with out
the financial returns to the local communities gained from logging and
milling.  An effort has been made to shut down the salvage of storm
damaged timber in areas that were slated for consiteration as
"wilderness".  Fortunately, we foresters won this one.
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