DEBATE OF '98- financial resources

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Fri Apr 24 21:19:09 EST 1998

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>In my cynical point of view, our entire society is just a collection of
>Mafia like protection rackets with fancy titles and sophisticated
>propaganda to rationalize the rackets- with the most powerful rackets
>being the AMA and the BAR; protection rackets if there ever were any-
>putting the Mafia to shame.
>If forestry can't win on it's merits which far exceed most other
>industries, perhaps it needs to grow up and become a racket like
>everyone else. This is in the realm of what Henry Kissinger called "real
>politique". But to do that the profession needs leadership which is
>sorely lacking in this day of immense personal greed- "get for yourself-
>screw everyone else".

In the words of Pogo, "We have met the enemy, and they are us!"

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

~~~> The forest may be quiet, but that doesn't mean all the snakes have left.

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