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>Who decides just what "landslide-prone slopes" really mean?

Oregon DOF, as far as I know, based on slope and average precip,
I imagine.  These are only for steep plots at risk of sliding
into homes below - there was a fatal slide a couple of winters ago
and it was learned that DOF didn't take risk to nearby homes 
into account when permitting cuts.

>Talk about a double-edged sword! There's potential for abuse of this on
>both sides. Nobody wants landslides but some moderate slopes MAY be ok for
>clearcutting but, could be barred from that. Land characteristics have to
>be specified for this to be a good law for all.

This would really only impact a small number of woodlots, which is
one reason OFIC supports the concept.  

>Lawmakers have to produce laws that are specific if they want a
>lawsuit-free ban of clearcuts. 

The potential for homes being destroyed by a slide is key to it.
Since you seem to have some knowledge of the state (you live here?)
I think you'll quickly realize that this really would not affect
most woodlot owners at all.

Much less the large commercial timberland owners, again being
undoubtably a factor in OFIC support. :)

The DOF is suggesting the State buy at-risk homes so private
landowners can then log their plots.  They raise the "takings"
issue, but many who are in the private land rights uber nearly
alles camp agree that public safety is one legitimate basis
for regulation.  

Let me repeat that the moratorium and process for permanent
rules was one supported by folks across the full political
spectrum and was truly non-controversial, as far as I can tell.  

I find it hard to believe our current anti-conservation,
pro-timber legislature - one which nearly removed "advocacy
for wildlife" from the mission for our Fish and Wildlife
Department - working with the OFIC would come up with a bill
unfair to the timber industry...

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