Regulate Mushroom Industry

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>> Mushroom bureaucrats! How insane is that?

>Why would bureaucrats for mushrooms be insane? Calling a thing insane doesn't
>mean much.

It's a bit like saying "foresters!  how insane is that!"  Mushrooms and
trees are both ag crops on NF lands.  The fact that we know more about
silviculture than ?fungiculture? doesn't mean that having mushroom folks
running around the woods making decisions is any less worthwhile than
having foresters do so.

After all, foresters have historically (and in the case of certain Texan
foresters, presently) been pretty damned ignorant.

And, some of those "mushroom bureaucrats" may actually BE foresters, 
since much of our knowledge (as limited as it is) about PNW fungi/tree
symbiotic relationships come from the UWash School of Forestry.

So, Joe, you may simply be saying "foresters in our forests!  How insane
is that?" insane is that?

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