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Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote:

>> > And even without clear-cut bans on erosion prone slopes, perhaps loggers
>> > should be held accountable IF the slope erodes for all the damage that
>> > ensues- to the environment and to all man made structures; and to ensure
>> > that the loggers can be have financial responsibility, they'll have to
>> > buy insurance for this purpose, then the insurance industry, not wanting
>> > to lose millions, will be very careful about insuring risky areas.

Don Staples:
>> But where does a 500 or 1000 year El Nino fit into the picture?  Does
>> the logger plan for the "average" rain fall?  And for what period of
>> time should the logger be liable?  The land owner is liable for his
>> property, and the effects of it on others, how long do you hold him/her
>> responsible if every thing is jake and El Nino washes the mountain away?

Joe again:
>If it's obvious that the slide occured as a result of the logging, El
>Nino or no El Nino, the landowner and his agents (loggers) must bear
>respsonibility. No?
>After all, landowners enjoy those property rights and property rights
>come with responsibilities.

Interesting discussion you foresters are having, but you've missed an important
part of the picture ...

Doesn't the forester bear as much or even more responsibility than the
landowner or the logger?   Siting of roads, supervision of the loggers
including restoration of skid roads and trails by appropriate use of waterbars,
diversion ditches, culverts, or whatever was just as much part of my
consultant's job as selecting which trees were to be cut.

Had I, as a landowner, rejected recommendations made by my consultant for soil
stabilization measures, then I would bear responsiblity.  Had the loggers
skipped out without finishing this part, it still would have been my problem,
but that's why a bond is posted.  If the logger didn't finish up the job, the
landowner would have those funds to complete the restoration.

But if I've hired a consultant to plan and oversee my harvest, it's his/her
responsibility to make certain it's done right.

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